10 Best Twitter Desktop Applications for Windows

Twitter is one of the top 10 Social Networking Sites in India. If you’re an avid Twitter user and you don’t want to visit your Twitter.com page from time to time to find out what’s new about your Twitter friends then you must opt for Twitter Desktop Applications that basically allow you to receive and post Tweets from your desktop. If you haven’t used a Twitter desktop application before, well this might be the right time to do so. We’ve picked best of the Twitter Desktop Applications available for you to use.

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Note: Some of the Twitter clients mentioned here are based on Adobe AIR , so please install it before setting up the Application

1. TweetDeck

One of the most popular Twitter apps, TweetDeck is great for managing all your favorite social services including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace from one place. Its multicolumn interface not only allows you to keep up with all your social accounts but also with Twitter lists and any custom searches that you may have saved inside Twitter. With TweetDeck, you can see a very detailed profile of any Twitter user, you can follow (or unfollow) users and even put them in any of your Twitter lists. TweetDeck supports inline translation so you can easily read foreign language tweets that may appear in your Timeline or search results. If you work across multiple computers, you can setup an account at TweetDeck and that will save you from the hassle of having to configure Tweetdeck on every single computer. And if you are no big fan of Twitter’s retweet function, you can opt for the classic version of “retweet” (RT).

2. DigiTweet

An open source desktop Twitter applications for Windows.  Through Windows Presentation Foundation, DigiTweet provides Twitter functionalities with rich user interface. It’s notable features include search facility for finding other twitter users as well as Twitter contents, and a friends list for viewing  Twitter users you are following and who are following you.

3. Seesmic for Windows

Seesmic for Windows is a beautiful desktop client for Twitter with a slightly translucent and tabbed interface. Seesmic for Windows can handle multiple Twitter accounts – you can get a combined timeline or look at your @replies, direct messages and sent messages for individual accounts separately. You can post the same update /link /photo to one or more Twitter account simultaneously. This is a native Windows application and doesn’t require Adobe AIR.

4. Spaz

Spaz is an free open source Twitter client with attractive design and high customizability. Some of its key features include directory listing of users, built in global search, short URL creation tool, markdown syntax support and user-defined CSS overrides. Spaz also offers multiple themes and supports the user defined themes. Additionally, Spaz comes with debugging and development tools.

5. Destroy Twitter

DestroyTwitter, an Adobe AIR powered Twitter desktop client, is very popular for its minimalistic but innovative interface. The unique thing about Destroy Twitter is its support for themes – you can either download ready-made themes or use the online theme-builder to create one that matches your taste. DestroyTwitter uses impressive transitions when switching from one screen to another and it’s probably the only desktop client that lets you edit your own Twitter profile. Then there’s support for Twitter trends so that you can know what’s hot on Twitter without having to visit the Twitter site. Destroy Twitter is lightweight and extremely fast. You can also configure the application so that it always stays on top of other applications.

Twhirl is a quick and easy-to-use Twitter client with a minimal yet beautiful UI. You can even choose your own color schemes and font styles for the UI. Unlike heavy-weights like Seesmic or TweetDeck, Twhirl doesn’t offer loads of features but if all you need is a way to quickly post status updates on your Twitter timeline, this could be a good choice. Twirl also offers integration with other less-common networks such as identi.ca and FriendFeed, and lets you cross-post updates to other social networks via Ping.fm. Twhirl is from Seesmic, the same company the develops previously mentioned Seesmic Desktop for AIR and Seemsmic for Windows.

7. Snitter

This is an Adobe AIR powered Twitter client compatible for Windows. Snitter offers auto updates tweet list, recent list of tweets, 20 most recent items in your timeline, 20 most recent replies,  20 most recent direct messages and more. Further, it has options for viewing and filtering the followers.

8. SharedMinds Desktop

The interface of SharedMinds Desktop for Windows is inspired by Outlook 2007 – you can even change themes from Sliver to Blue as in Microsoft Office. The similarity doesn’t end here – you navigate tweets just like you move across records in an Access database. What’s unique about SharedMinds Desktop is the integrated browser – if there’s a link inside a tweet, you can read the corresponding web page directly inside the Twitter client without having to launch a separate tab in your browser. However, you cannot share pictures and other files with this app.

9. Sobees for Windows

Sobees offers a fresh interface and allows you to choose your own layout for different social services. Sobees includes an anti-spam feature that will let you block certain words from appearing in your Twitter stream. You can run Sobees on any Windows computer as long as it has .NET installed.

10. MetroTwit

MetroTwit is a desktop twitter client specially developed to simplify the tweeting style of windows users. It offers a simple and sleek interface and keep things simple.It fully takes advantage of the latest Microsoft .NET 4.0 and Windows Presentation Foundation 4 frameworks, MetroTwit is a first-class native application that shines on Windows.

You can also tweet any page in just a few clicks, with the capability of  TweetMeme Button Chrome Extension

Comments and Suggestions

So, if you’re a windows user, its worth trying out any of this Applications ! Please let us know (via Comments), what you feel about this twitter desktop applications.

9 Responses

  1. nice list bro..thanks for sharing..i had a problem with tweetdeck so shifting to digitweet.. :)

    • Swamykant says:

      Tweetdeck is the best Twitter App. I use the same. What was the problem with Tweetdeck ?

      • Sport Pick says:

        Tweetdeck could not load user as mention list (manually).. With Uber Social on mobile app it easier to do that with just click to insert user (it will load to mention follower/following-list) to mention them in tweet..

  2. thesassiclassi1 says:

    do any of these apps allow u to view your friends/followers mentions like ubersocial’s mobile app?

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