How to Access Gmail Offline

Now you can access your Gmail where internet is not available with the help of Google Gears. Google Gears is an open source project that enables more powerful web applications, by adding new features to your web browser.

Check the Google’s Video Tutorial:

Use this tool to access your Gmail without any Internet connection. Below are steps mentioned by which you would know how to use Google Gears:

Step 1: If you are a Chrome user then no need to install Google Gears. Otherwise you will have to install Google Gears.

Step 2: Select the offline option from the Setting/ Labs tab in Gmail. Enable the offline option from there. Below is the screenshot,

Step 3: One pop up will come as to install Offline Access for Gmail. Click the next button and create the desktop shortcut.

Step 4: One option will appear on the right side of your Gmail besides the “Sign Out” button. Click on the Offline button and your messages will be downloaded to your computer. Depending on the size of your account, this may take a while the first time, but you can check on your progress in the status box near the Settings link.

Step 5: You can use Gmail normally while syncing. You don’t have to wait for synchronization to finish before disconnecting from the internet. If you’d like, you can click the pause sync button to temporarily stop the sync process (it’ll resume automatically if it’s been paused for an hour). When you disconnect from the internet, the messages you’ve synchronized will be available immediately.

Gmail will automatically continue syncing in the background whenever you reconnect to the internet.

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  1. Nice trick. I will give a try now. If i get any doubt i will ask u. thanks for the info.

  2. excellent, google is rapidly developing its existing and future products, thanks for the info swamykant

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