100 Awesome Professional Free WordPress Themes for 2011

WordPress is an award-winning CMS, which enables you to build Blogs, Web sites and powerful online applications. As you know that more and more people use WordPress these days. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made WordPress the most popular blog software available.

Recently WordPress released the WordPress 3.0 adding several features.There are so many new features have been added in WordPress3. Many old wordpress themes don’t support these new featured, just like custom menu navigation areas, custom post types, etc.

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So when you are updating the theme in 2011, use wordpress 3 compatible themes and also update the wordpress with latest version.

Also check this list:

Here are some Beautiful and Free WordPress 3.0 Ready Themes for 2011.

John Galt Free WordPress Theme for 2011

John Galt Free WordPress Theme for 2011

Demo Download

Magaizne WordPress Theme Free: Spectre

Magaizne WordPress Theme Free SpectreDEMO | DOWNLOAD

MiniCard Free WordPress Theme 2011

free-wordpress-theme-2011-minicardDemo | Download

LiveTwit Free WordPress Theme 2011

free-wordpress-theme-2011-livetwitDemo | Download

Free Personal Blog WordPress Theme: Designora

Free Personal Blog WordPress Theme DesignoraDemo Download

Free WordPress Theme: Nicol

Free WordPress Theme NicolDemo Download

Free Magazine WordPress Theme: Orsted

Free Magazine WordPress Theme OrstedDemo Download

Free Cool WordPress Theme: Dimenzion

Free Cool WordPress Theme DimenzionDemo Download

Simplista: The free WordPress Theme

Simplista free WordPress ThemeDemo Download

Inuit Types Free WordPress

Inuit Types Free WordPress ThemeDemoDownload

FolioGrid Free WordPress Theme

FolioGrid Free WordPress Theme

Demo | Download

Maimpok Free WordPress Theme

Maimpok Free WordPress Theme

Demo | Download

Free Gallery WordPress Theme – Shaken Grid

Free Gallery WordPress Theme – Shaken GridDemoDownload

Free wordpress 3 Theme: Structure

Free wordpress 3 Theme StructureDemoDownload

Simple Clean WordPress Theme: ecoBlog

Simple Clean WordPress Theme ecoBlogDemoDownload

Free WordPress CMS Theme: Akylas

Free WordPress CMS Theme AkylasDemoDownload

Free CMS WordPress Theme: Heliumified

Free CMS WordPress Theme HeliumifiedDemoDownload

Press75 Free WordPress Theme: Side Blog

Press75 Free WordPress Theme Side BlogDemoDownload

Free CMS WordPress Theme for business: Boldy

Free CMS WordPress Theme for business BoldyDemoDownload

Codium Free WordPress Themes

codium-wordpress-theme Free WordPress Themes for 2011


Melville Free WordPress Themes

melville-wordpress-theme Free WordPress Themes for 2011

Info & DownloadDemo

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196 Responses

  1. Pradeep says:

    Great Collection…thanks for sharing :)

  2. Vivek Parmar says:

    great collection, lot of hard work done by you to collect these themes

  3. Ramakrishnan says:

    Good collection….. Keep it up….

  4. Fareed khan says:

    Great collections, collecting wordpress themes is not a easy work, you done a great job here, Thanks

  5. Anish KS says:

    Its a huge collection swamy. a big salute for your effort.

  6. Qassam says:

    Great Collection…keep it up!

  7. Wow, this is a pretty huge collection dude. Lots of pretty looking free themes in the list. Thanks for the hard work in collecting such a huge list.

  8. Big and Nice collections.. liked some of them alot TECH MAGAZINE, MINICARD, LIVETWIT, NOTEPAD..

  9. Great Collection Swamykant keep posting such nice content :)

  10. Great Collection! Its sure you took gr8 effort to compile this list!

  11. Thats a huge list man. I know its not very easy to prepare a post like this. Good work, well done mate.

  12. Awesome! Who doesn’t want free themes? I use free theme as long as they don’t come with free spyware too.

  13. e11world says:

    This is actually the best list I have ever seen that is very good for any wordpress enthusiast. Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to get this all in one place!

  14. HI,
    Awesome post, it’s really nice and helpful piece of information.I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us.please keep us informed like this.

    Thanks for sharing:)

  15. aatif says:

    Nice collection . i like the twitter one. it looks simple and great

  16. Rushab says:

    Great Post. It seems you have to spend a big time collecting all of them and I have downloaded 4 from the list for my Use. Particularly the heliumified is the one I choose for one of my business website. All the themes look very professional and the great thing is that, its a free list.

    Thanks for the amazing collection.

  17. Thiru says:

    Wonderful collection swamy..Thanks for the share.

  18. Huge list. Most of them are nice. My favorite ones are spectre and dangdoot. Out of the list BlueBubble really suits portfolio style websites. Have to bookmark this post.

  19. Excellent collection. There is nothing else I can say.

  20. Tech Crates says:

    A huge and a great list..Thanks for sharing them

  21. Well complied list . Many of themes were new and fresh. I think this is one of the biggest themes list. While making a big list you can split the post in 2 or 3 pages so that it will help you get more traffic and also the page loading time will be less.

  22. Billy Bob says:

    Seriously sweet! Great job Swamy!

  23. Entrepreneur says:

    Yes All The themes are new and latest…
    How Can i Get More Unique Themes For WordPress and Joomla…

  24. Mohit says:

    You really covered huge number of list ,Awesome post

  25. Techgopal says:

    really g8 work man!
    i like mobile world theme…..
    keep it…..

  26. Chemist says:

    I simply love that “Ideal Website Theme” and i will update my blog with this theme, thanks for providing the download link.

  27. I’ve come across many of the themes. Some of them are very good. I would like to download few so that I can put it to my blog when needed. At present I’m using mobile week theme.

  28. xC says:

    not impressive at all…

  29. Jay says:

    Really great collection, Thanks for sharing and the efforts!


  30. tuba says:

    No doubt a great collection of wordpress themes, thanks man for sharing.

  31. The templates are never customizable enough. It seems if the header works then the widgets don’t and vice versa.

  32. Thanks for the theme though. greatly appreciated.

  33. Kashish Jain says:

    awesome collection.. you have really done a hard work in collecting these..

  34. Dessign says:

    Amazing collection of free wordpress themes, Codium looks great never seen before,


  35. thanks for listing free themes. this list support me to create more idea…

  36. gabriel says:

    for 2011? Ha, ha, ha….!!!

  37. Hi Swamykant,
    I like the collection as well, but I think you should add some description under each of them. it would look more presentable as for me.
    Regards. Arthur

  38. Udeshika says:

    Thank you, I wanna change my theme well

  39. bobby says:

    heyyyyyyyy gud templates ……mind blowing templates ….i like dis site…..

  40. Som says:

    Really cool themes and nicely built . Appreciate the theme authors for the great work.

  41. rob says:

    Thanks for the summary! – but many of them are old (yet beautiful) themes… nothing to do with 2011, though.

  42. Hi,
    No doubt a great collection of wordpress themes, thanks man for sharing. It would have been better if you had given a good description about all of them.

  43. Ravi Chopra says:

    Wonderful & exhaustive collection ! Thanks a ton…

  44. Johnson says:

    Bro thanks so much for this great work am looking for the best one for my e-commerce website please suggest if you can.

  45. It’s really nice .. I like it

  46. Hosting Best says:

    I think we are going to start seeing more magazine themes about, they allow for so much info to be displayed on the front page in a good looking way

  47. Rie says:

    Various templates was shared here. I really like it. Thanks.

  48. Jeff Tippett says:

    Great list, Swamykant. I’m looking for a business card theme (designed to display social sites) while allowing me the flexibility to add a page or 2 of additional content. Appreciate your pulling this list together.

  49. great layout compilation!

  50. mobile news says:

    Thanks for this excellent list of all the wordpress themes.

  51. awesome templates, im going to use one of them for my own site

  52. Ador says:

    awesome collection admin…… i like your all theme and also download the themes please keep up to date…….

  53. samin says:

    awesome templates and great layout compilation!

  54. dubai seo says:

    that is really such a nice wp theme collection shared by you
    thanks for that

  55. dubai seo says:

    wow that is such a nice templates for wordpress

  56. Matt Lipy says:

    I just installed boldy looks great thanks very much 

  57. preet gill says:

    thanks for the article

  58. Jameshydenx says:

    really like this post. and already bookmarked

  59. Kaloshaala says:

    First of – thanks for the BOLDY template. Very much appreciate it.
    However, there seems to be a problem with the portfolio link and there are no instructions in the documentation link. Can you help please. Here is the error message:
    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/sparrow/public_html/site/wp-content/themes/boldy/portfolio.php on line 12

  60. Srisaravanasunder Tsm says:

    I like this templates.All are looking professional.I also visited orxzen templates it is also looking professional

  61. Wow! What a beautiful theme collection for free.
    I retweet this page.
    plzz share some more free themes.

  62. pptbase says:

    I like koi template, it worked for me wonderfully

  63. ishatec says:

    Very nice templates  I really like this. thanks for sharing

  64. Ricky Neil says:

    This is really an amazing list of free wordpress themes and beautifully designed too, saved me some time ^^ and while I was browsing for themes just now, I’ve found a site which gives away free WordPress themes as well and is not in the list. The url is http://www.magetemplates.com Hope this helps

  65. admm6 says:

    Nice collection of awesome templetes,thank you for sharing!

  66. Rehab says:

    Thanks for the awesome templates,i find one tat’s right foe my website!Tnx for sharing,will look back for sure!

  67. Fareed says:

    Wow..Excellent piece of collection..Thank you very much

  68. Anh Khánh says:

    thanks for sharing

  69. Anonymous says:


    recomendame una buena plantilla

  70. Anonymous says:


    recomendame una buena plantilla

  71. ari abimanyu says:

    nice share.
    actually i wanna change my theme website

  72. sonny falian says:

    Very-very fantastic, it can help me to go for new wold.

  73. Tech4World says:

    Wow, amazing collection, but seems you need to fix some codes !

  74. dambovita says:

    the theme with tweets is the best.
    good job.

  75. Thanx voor this nice templates!!

  76. LG 42PW350 says:

    Thanks for the awesome templates,i find one tat’s right foe my website! Thank for sharing

  77. Great themes list your share.. thanks 

  78. Jimmy says:

    I was very pleased to find this web -site. I wanted to thanks for your time for this wonderful read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

  79. arafinshaon says:

    amazing list of free wp themes. Good job man tnx 4 sharing this.

  80. bookkeeping says:

    Good job. I was searching for good theme for my wordpress blog and finally got it. Just bookmarked this page and will install one on my blog from here. Thanks a lot.

  81. Nice
    information, many thanks to the author. It is incomprehensible to me now, but
    in general, the usefulness and significance is overwhelmingoverwhelming.
    Thanks again and good luck!

  82. Akik says:

    simple but really beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  83. Shiv prakash says:

    some of these themes are good

  84. mukesh says:

    I need a theme same postfreeclassifieds…. i have free classifieds website..here user can post free classifieds .. i want need more user friendly website….same as postfreeclassifieds if you have then email me ….

  85. This doesn’t looks like 100 hundred, but all are cool wp themes

  86. Ammar says:

    Awesome list. Thanks for sharing ! Cheers !

  87. Thomas G says:

    I’ve learned a lot from your blog here! Keep on going, my friend, I will keep an eye on it.

  88. Sam Davis says:

    I am impressed with this article, so informative to learn a lot and share with my close friends and colleagues

  89. Nice list. very useful and thanks for sharing!

  90. Wow this information is very important we are expecting the same in near future.

    Thanks and regard:

  91. thank, nice for this themes…..

  92. Love That. Good Selection for busy people like me.



  93. Awesome wordpress theme. I’m very enjoy it.
    thanks for share.
    Keep good job. :)

  94. Karthik says:

    which is the theme that gives maximum ctr??

  95. Babymatras says:

    Really nice list, I got me two tempates, thanx!

  96. Yoga Teacher says:

    I love them. Thanks for sharing.

  97. TricksLand says:

    Dear sir i have downloaded simplista but Post thumbnails didn’t plz help me thanks nice collection

  98. TricksLand says:

    Dear sir i have downloaded simplista but Post thumbnails didn’t working plz help me thanks nice collection

  99. All the themes are really awesome. It is interesting to find beautiful themes of wordpressa and I am always look forward for this.

  100. Kenny says:

    Hi, very nice and awesome template collection. Been searching for cool templates over google search and found your coolest template collection website.Thanks for share these lovely templates.

  101. WAQAS KAZMI says:

    thanks for updating new word press themes i like All your collections its too much after all that is the best plate form for making the software house.

  102. Themes says:

    Really nice list!


  103. chai says:

    Very Good Theme, I am new WP.

    • Swamykant says:

      Hi Chai

      That is not a problem. You can start with these themes.. Check the 2012 edition too. Keep watching this space, we are planning to roll out wordpress tips for beginners very soon.

  104. great blog says:

    Good post. I absolutely appreciate this site. Stick with it!

  105. Dhafian says:

    Wow! Awesome collection friend..

  106. backlinks says:

    Right here is the perfect site for anybody who really wants to find out about this topic.
    You know so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I personally will need to…HaHa).
    You certainly put a fresh spin on a topic that has been discussed for years.
    Great stuff, just wonderful!

    • Swamykant says:

      Every year there is something new in the world of WordPress and the themes too evolve the same.. Such as HTML5, responsive themes and much more. However when consider overall, there is not drastically sift.

      Nice to see on Your Digital Space (YDS)

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