All My Apps: Browse & Install Free Windows Software Online

One of the most irritating things about reinstalling your operating system is installing all the non-OS applications you love. All My Apps is a sort of app store for Windows, allowing you to install non-OS applications in just a few clicks. Downloading and installation itself is automated, meaning you won’t have to click “Next” several times or worry about add-ons. Install, upgrade and manage your favorite free applications from one simple interface.

At Allmyapps you can browse over a hundred popular applications in a dozen categories to build a master list of applications you want to install. You don’t have to install immediately after building your list, you can save your list for later installation.

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What Is All My Apps

All My Apps is a repository of software you can quickly install. Browsing software is simple. Applications are broken down into categories like Web. Communication. Audio, video, Image, etc.. Click one of these categories and you’ll see the most installed apps. Click an application to read a summary of it and when you decide to install a program, you’ll be presented with that software’s EULA.

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Accept it and All My Apps will automatically download and install the software. There’s no clicking “Next” five times, and no annoying add-ons included with the software as far as I could tell. Just the software you want, quickly. If a software is already on your machine, All My Apps also informs you the same.

Check out the video below to see how Allmyapps works:

Getting Started with All My Apps

Head over to All My Apps and sign up for an account. Then you’re going to want to download the free client, which you’ll find a link to in the top-right corner of the site. Installing the client will take a while, particularly if you don’t have .NET 3.5 installed yet. Once the client loads for the first time you can start exploring for apps.


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