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Even with most people using broadband, it is still very important to pay attention to file sizes when creating websites and blog posts.

Large images can take a long time to download even on a broadband connection and if a post becomes very popular on the web, optimising images for size can mean the difference between a web server being able to cope or not

Developed by Yahoo, Smush.It is an online tool that analyzes the file format of the specific image file that you are trying to optimize and then applies the specific optimizations for that particular image format without altering the quality of the image

Smushit reduces the file size of images by reducing the number of colors, strips off excess metadata, and also discards other non visual data.

There are three ways you can use Smushit:

  • Upload a bunch of pictures in your browser
  • Provide a list of image URLs
  • Install WPSmush.itWordPress Plugin to optimize the images for Blogs. WordPress Plugin

There are many, many plugins that can help you to optimize blog images, but one of the best is I’m using it on many of my blogs and it really helps to make blog load faster.

This plugin offers an API that performs these optimizations automatically, and it integrates seamlessly with WordPress. Every image you add to a page or post will be automatically run through behind the scenes—you don’t have to do anything differently. WordPress plugin basically:

  • Strips meta data from JPEGs
  • Optimizes JPEG compression
  • Converts certain GIFs to indexed PNGs
  • Strips the unused colours from indexed images.

Hopefully, a good-quality web editor will already be optimising images but this is very useful as a way of double-checking and for sites that use  image editors, such as blogs.

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