How to Password Protect Your Photos on iPhone

iPhone is not a perfect phone yet. There are few security flaws that has created vulnerabilities of data loss and privacy breaches.  People generally want a secure way to lock pictures and other files in their iPhone without sacrificing style. Folder Lock for iPhone is the best way to achieve complete security for your iPhone’s content without compromising its style and elegance.

Folder Lock for iPhone is an iPhone application that lets you lock pictures in iPhone; no matter in which format they are. With Folder Lock, you can hide pictures and images in any format like jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, bmpf, gif, tif, tiff, ico, cur and xbm.

How to Password Protect Your Photos on iPhone:

  • Download Folder Lock from iTunes App Store.
  • Run the application and set and confirm a password. Try choosing a strong password which is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.
  • If you have Wi-Fi activated on your iPhone as well on your PC or MAC, a hint window with an IP and port will appear when you log in to the application.
  • Entering this IP and port into your web browser will open the Web Server Interface of Folder Lock, so that you can transfer files from your PC or MAC to your iPhone.
  • Enter the same password that you set in Folder Lock for iPhone to start accessing and transferring data.
  • Transfer pictures from your computer to your iPhone that you want to protect. All the images in of jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, bmpf, gif, tif, tiff, ico, cur and xbm format will be saved in Pictures category.
  • You can also add a copy of your pictures from ‘Photo Gallery’ to your Locker. Go to ‘Photo Gallery‘, select the picture you want to protect, and then select ‘Copy to Locker‘.

It uses advanced brute force password protection technology that makes it impossible to access protected pictures without knowing the correct password.

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