How to View All Your Facebook Friends Photos In One Place

One main reason many people use Facebook is to view photos that my friends have shared. But the photo-viewing interface of Facebook is not so good. To help you view friend’s Facebook photos in a better way, I found a excellent web service called FriendLens. This service shows all your Facebook pictures in one place, you can see all photos added by your friends and post comments on them.

FriendLens features a clean interface that is clearly superior to Facebook’s native photo-viewing interface.

Features of FriendLens:

  • A user-friendly website
  • Lets you view photos shared by friends on Facebook
  • Displays photos in a view you are comfortable with
  • Loads up all pictures automatically
  • Lets you like images and comment on them

How to View All Your Facebook Friends Photos In One Place with FriendLens

When you login into the service with your Facebook account, you can find all pictures recently added by your friends. They appear in chronological order on your Friendlens wall. All your Facebook friends are listed in a panel on the left, pick a friend (or use the search bar) to view their pictures. You simply scroll through them in the order they were uploaded in. When you mouse over a picture, it shows the date when it was uploaded and who uploaded it and the captions too.

Check out FriendLens @

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  1. Ahsan says:

    Seems very easy now for me but previously I don’t know about it. Thanks for share

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