10 Best Free Media Players for Windows PC

Everyone love to watch videos and for this they require some media player. So media Players are very necessary tool for everyone. But choosing right media player for your operating system is a little tough task.

Today I have gathered some of the best free alternatives to windows media player which are capable of playing and enhancing user experience with tons of extra features.These all media players are available free of cost and you can download them freely from internet.

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According to me you must not remain stick to one media player because every media player has different feature than other so you must try all. I hope you have enjoyed the list and if you know any good media player, feel free to post them in your comments.

VLC Media Player

VLC is one of the best media players and has some best features which includes its lightweight, portability and is capable of playing almost any video format.

VLC can even be used as a streaming media server, can play DVD’s, can be used as an audio decoder, and doesn’t require external, extra codec’s to run.

Media Player Classic:

Media Player Classic is an all in one, very light Media player with the capabilities of playing lots of formats without the need of any special codec.

Media Jukebox:

It has so many features including music collection organizer, iPod connector and music store with extreme tagging techniques. It can even be used to synchronize your phone, while finding tags for your newest imported songs, and simultaneously downloading the newest plug-in to customize your user experience.

Song bird:

This open source customizable media player allows users to create add-ons/plug-ins for added user experience.Built-in options include; Last.fm playback history plug-in, support for iPod, metadata management, etc.It is also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Winamp is a leading media player which has cool features including: lots of customizable skins, built-in internet radio, support for a wide variety of audio and video formats, flash support, customizable plug-ins, support for multiple languages, ability to sync with your iPod, etc.

Adobe Media Player:

This player runs based on AIR runtime and has a variety of features. This plays a clear image of video which you want to view.

KM Player:

It is a Lightweight media player supporting numerous different formats, languages, skins, etc. It can also be used for numerous different media related material.

Some of its unique features are: Compressed album support, multiple file formats, numerous decoders, support for subtitles, plug-ins, etc.

DivX Plus Software:

It is a multipurpose Media Player and has cool features which are : Download videos at a very high rate, Transfer videos at a very quick speed, Burns DVDs for TV, Supports TV and Movies.

Ace Media Player:

This media player is only for Windows 98/ 2000/ XP/ Vista.

It enables you to: Watch Quick Time, Real Media, DivX and Windows Media files within a single Media Player, Use less memory while it is loading quickly, Play and manage different types of media player with in the play list, Save desktop space in share mode, Auto- plays high quality of CD and VCD.


It is another lightweight media player with automatic codec detection and management. It plays movies, DVDs, music, TV streams, web radio streams, Flash movies, podcasts and much more!

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