Get Awesome Start Panel For Windows using Smart Desktop

The default look of Windows is good but you can still make it more smarter and productive by using third party customization tools. Smart Desktop is a free software which adds useful shortcuts and widgets to your Desktop which eliminates the need to add any additional gadgets, program shortcuts and the like.

It contains weather, calendar and system monitoring widgets, along with time and date display. Multiple shortcuts within the Home menu provide easy access to browsers, MS Office programs, Google Search, Dictionary Search, media players, system utilities, Windows accessories, etc.

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Similarly, The Web links tab from the top of the interface provides quick access to commonly used search engine, social media, news and other related websites. The tool make use of your default browser to open the quick search results, weblinks and some other components.

You can right-click anywhere in the app and click Exit button to close, or click Start with Windows to make the app load with windows.

Download Smart Desktop - It it free to download and works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

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