How to Compare the Real-life Sizes of Smartphones

Nowadays smartphones are now getting more and more popular because it provides more option unlike feature phones. Larger screen sizes and resolutions are most important point which the mobile manufacturers boast about.

Most of smartphone have screen size of 3.5, 3.7, 4.0, 4.5 inches and sometimes more than 5 inches.  Without the phone in hand, it is difficult to visualize the actual size of the phone or compare it with your current phone.

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Versusio is a free web application that lets you compare any smartphones for size and features. Since the screen resolutions and size vary, there is an option to compare the real size of the phones on screen.

You can place a real credit card on the screen and then increase or decrease the image size to find the actual size of phone. Apart from this, the service also shows the pros for each phones.

You can also try where you can compare more than two smartphone.

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