Samsung Galaxy S3 Toolkit – To Root, Backup and Recover [All in One App]

With the latest version of Android, a whopping 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen and a whole suite of Apple-beating features, the new Samsung Galaxy SIII the greatest phone ever.

It was inevitable. With the Samsung Galaxy SIII just released, and with root and ClockworkMod recovery already out for it, it was only a matter of time before someone took it all and put it in an all-in-one toolkit, so that one can simply use a single tool for performing many different hacks.

XDA-Developers forum membermskip has just released a Samsung Galaxy S3 Toolkit, making life for inexperienced rooters who just got their hands on a brand new S3, very easy.

It is a package of tools that you can use to install drivers, ClockworkMod Recovery, Busybox and create Root, backups or even use it to install apk files.

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Features of Samsung Galaxy S3 Toolkit

  • No need to install the drivers, the toolkit once installed, will handle all of that.
  • Backup / Restore a single package or all apps, user data and internal storage.
  • Backup your /data/media (virtual SD Card) to your PC for a Full Safe backup of data.
  • Perform a FULL NANDROID Backup of your system via adb and save in Custom Recovery format on your PC.
  • Pull /data and /system folders, compress to a .tar file and save to your PC.
  • Backup/Restore your /efs partition.
  • Dump selected Phone Partitions, compress to a .zip file with md5 and save to your PC.
  • Install BusyBox binary on phone.
  • Root any public build (different options available).
  • Flash Stock Recovery or CWM Recovery.
  • Flash Insecure Boot Image for adb mode.
  • Install a single apk or multiple apk’s to your phone.
  • Push Files from your PC to your phone.
  • Pull Files from your phone to your PC.
  • Set Files Permissions on your phone.
  • Dump selected LogCat buffers to your PC.
  • Dump BugReport to your PC (if installed).
  • Help, Information Screen for various tasks.
  • Reboot Phone options in adb mode.
  • Change background, text color in ToolKit.
In short, the Galaxy S3 Toolkit is the most comprehensive all-in-one toolkit one can find, and should find a place on your desktop for all your Galaxy S3 hacking needs.

How to Install and Use Samsung Galaxy S3 Toolkit

Let’s take a look at how the toolkit can be installed and used on your Galaxy S3.

  1. Download the Toolkit from the official development page. (You can also get more details on the toolkit here).
  2. Double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation of the toolkit.
  3. Keep clicking the Next button until the installation starts.
  4. After installation is complete, click on the Close button to launcher the Toolkit. You can also launch it from the Samsung GS3 Toolkit icon on the desktop.
  5. Now, in the toolkit, in order to perform a particular function, you simply need to enter the number that corresponds to that function and press Enter.
    Samsung Galaxy S3 Toolkit – To Root, Backup and Recover [All in One App]For example, if you want to root your device, you would press 2, press Enter, then follow onscreen instructions to complete the procedure.
  6. Similarly, all other functions can be performed by entering their corresponding number and follow the instructions that follow.

The Galaxy S3 Toolkit is now installed on your computer, and you can use it to perform various hacks on your Galaxy S3. Simple, eh?

Note: Do note that the toolkit is applicable for the GSM version of the SGS III, and not the CDMA one. Also Please use this software at your own risk. YourDigitalSpace won’t be responsible in case your device gets bricked or damaged in any other way due to the usage of this tool.

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