How to Choose The Right Creative Commons License For Your Work

There is a never-ending online fight between free and paid. Things should be free or not? So like Freeware and Open source here comes Creative Commons. It’s all about sharing.

If you want to share your content, photographs, or videos with the world, consider alternatives to the traditional copyright. One option is releasing your work into the public domain, which simply means anybody can do whatever they want with it.If you’re looking for something less drastic, however, there are several licenses offered by a non-profit organization called Creative Commons that you can use for free. You can give a license with your creative work.

Choosing the right Creative Commons License

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This license is useful in two ways; when you want to share something with others and when you want to use something shared by others.

Creative commons provides a different type of license with different permissions. You can find all the available licenses on and choose which would be better for you.

A creative commons license can be used for Photographs, eBooks, Music, articles and programs. So if something has a license you can easily understand what permission is given for you with the thing.

Once you have read about licenses and decided which one will be okay or you can use this tool to choose -

Note: You can only use a CC license on works that can be copyrighted, such as: books, scripts, websites, lesson plans, blogs and any other forms of writings; photographs and other visual images; films, video games and other visual materials; musical compositions, sound recordings and other audio works. You cannot use one on ideas, factual information or other things that are not protected by copyright.

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