10 Best Women Safety Apps For Self Defense and Security

It’s tough for today’s Indian women to walk alone in the streets. Currently India is witnessing protests across the states against brutal rapes, molestation and mistreatment of women. Despite the protests and measures, crimes are on an alarming rise.

Women Safety

Hence, it’s high time for them to be cautious and ensure precautionary measures for their safety. The IT industry in the country is doing every bit possible for this by coming up with new innovative apps that offer lot more than just security.

Here is a list of best women safety apps for mobile phones. Using these safety apps you can send emergency SOS SMS alerts, emails, Facebook notifications and even call friends with a single tap of the app should you need help while travelling alone at night, or being confronted with a threatening dangerous situation.


This is a family locator app which connects all your family members, allowing them to communicate instantly and track GPS location of your family in real time. Of course all family members need to download and install Life360. It allows you to send panic alerts via text, email and phone call if needed urgently.

It allows parents to keep track of where their children are right now and will alert them when they return home from school. Its usage can be beyond safety issues and helps to keep your family connected on a daily basis. Winner of the Webby award for Best Use of GPS or Location Technology. Download now for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Free to use.

Link: http://www.life360.com


Simply download the app, add as many friends you want to notify in case of emergency or threatening situations. When you press the SOS button, the bSafe app will send a SMS text message to all your bsafe friends and even call a friend to pick you up, while indicating your current map location.

For iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Basic plan is free, though you can upgrade to bSafe premium plan for $1.99/mo ($14.99/yr).

Link: http://neverwalkalone.com/


This is an India specific app which requires you to login via Facebook to download the app. Fightback utilizes your smartphone’s GPRS, SMS, GPS, maps, email and linked Facebook account to send SOS messages when needed. With a single tap, women can send SOS emergency SMS messages and emails to select friends in the list.

The app also updates the Facebook status page with emergency messages and current location, to inform their Facebook network (if needed). Available for Android, Blackberry and Nokia smartphones. Free to use.

Link: http://www.fightbackmobile.com/welcome


Positioned as personal safety app for college students, OnWatch allows you to easily alert friends and emergency responders like 911 and campus police when you need to. It also allows you to send time based alerts, for example if you do not reach home safely in an hour. You can easily inform your friends when you are safe with your GPS location.

Winner of the U.S. Government’s Apps Against Abuse Challenge. Download for iPhone and Android. Offers free 90 day trial subscription to students with .edu email address, 30 day free trial for others.

Link:  http://onwatchoncampus.com


This app lets you add 6 friends who will be informed when you need it. CircleOf6 app when used will send a predecided SMS to your friends with your GPS location and a ‘Come and Get Me’ message. You can also send a call me message, should you need a call back phone call to get out. You can also program it to call select national hotlines or local emergency numbers.

This app was also the winner of the White House Apps Against Abuse Technology Challenge. For iPhone and Android. Free to use.

Link: http://www.circleof6app.com


This is a more premium paid service for women desiring extra security. Once you subscribe to StreetSafe for $20/mo ($150/yr) plan, tap the StreetSafe app and their personal safety adviser will  provide instant help and can provide ‘Walk with me’ support to help you reach safely, and can notify 911 and the police (with your photos, age, height etc.)  if the situation seems potentially violent or unsafe for you. Available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Link: http://streetsafe.com/static-support-download


It is a personal safety application designed for women which connects with all of the safety network connections. It differs from the other apps as it places phone calls to those listed contacts along with the name, real-time location and the type of emergencies- “Stroke” or “Walking Home Alone” and also enables to identify different locations.

It has a profile page where the user can includes personal information like birth date, eye’ hair color, weight, height, blood type and so on. The subscribed version enables responders to connect to conference calls. The paid version includes tracking of real-time location.

It is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 phones.

Link: https://www.guardly.com/download


It is a Smartphone application used to serve as a virtual security guard for women. The users can press a button once they feel they are being stalked or harassed. It sends out instant alerts to let friends, family or police know about the trouble and save them.

The app is available for Android and other platforms.

Link: http://sentinel.mindhelix.com/


Cab4me, as the name suggests, is a mobile cab finder app that helps get a cab anywhere at any time. It works based on the location. The phone’s GPS shows the location on the map and one can choose the pickup destination or a nearby taxi stand based on the available stand.

If in case the database has no cab company for the specific area, a local web search is performed to get a result. It is available both as free and subscribed versions which is available for iPhone and Android phones.

Link: http://www.cab4me.com/


“Hollaback! You have the power to end street harassment”, is the tag line of this particular app. Here the users can take a photo of the harasser and upload it as ‘caught in the act’ and submit their story on ihollaback.org. It signals the perpetrator that his photo is shared on the website as well as warns others from doing this act. The app encourages users to submit stories along with photographs of street harassment at every level from catcalls to strangers groping hands or even individuals exposing themselves in public roads.

It is a free version which is available in both iPhone and Android phones. Apart from apps and website, Hollaback is part of an international movement with locally based Hollaback organizations in major cities and metropolitan areas across 18 countries. It tries to create a crowd- sourced initiative to end street harassment and break the silence to bring attention to the women safety issues.

Link: http://www.ihollaback.org/

Note: We are not affiliated with any of these services. Be sure to check the fine print, pricing and privacy terms before you choose it as your personal safety app. Always remember to test you settings so that they work when you need it.

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