10 Best iPhone Apps For Car Owners

Whether it’s your daily commute or a road trip, your iPhone can help you drive, park, and even save money on gas. It’s all about keeping your life synced.

Your iPhone can do a lot, but did you know it can make that next car ride a bit smoother? Here?s a look at the best iPhone apps that help make the relationship with your car a little smoother.

Best iPhone Apps For Car Owners


Imagine the perfect world where you can pull up your phone and magically find a parking space right away instead of circling the block five times. Parker is the app for that. With the cooperation of the Department of Transportation, developers installed electronic sensors in select neighborhoods to detect empty parking spots.


The app locates areas with the most available parking and tells you whether the spaces are metered or parking garages. You can even pay for parking with your phone in some locations. One small caveat: Parker is only available for major cities like New York, LA, Dallas, and Boston.

Download Parker (Price: Free)

Kelley Blue Book

If you’re looking to buy or sell a vehicle, the Kelley Blue Book app takes guesswork out of negotiating. With a quick series of tap and swipes you can enter the year, make, model, and features of most any vehicle and find out exactly what the vehicle is worth.

Kelley Blue Book
Download Kelley Blue Book (Price: Free)

Gas Buddy

We’ve all stopped for gas then driven down road to see it was $0.15 cheaper at the next station. Stop berating yourself for not driving that extra 300 feet before you stop and download Gas Buddy. Gasbuddy uses GPS location to find the nearest stations with the best fuel prices.

Gas Buddy
Download Gas Buddy (Price: Free)

INRIX Traffic

Driving is about more than getting there ? it?s about getting there on time. INRIX Traffic analyzes traffic patterns and let you know whether you?re looking at an open highway or a parking lot. The app keeps you informed on the latest accidents and tie-ups. It can compare routes and even offer a predictive traffic timeline.

INRIX Traffic

Download INRIX Traffic (Price: Free)


This is one of the best iPhone apps for car owners that will let you to share a ride with someone who is heading the direction same as yours. Carticipate thus minimizes the carbon footprint in a very cool way as it develops a community of users who can share a ride and save at least one car from being driven the same way.


It is a kind of future app that in addition to helping you commute lets you do something for the environment as well.

Download Carticipate (Price: Free)


More and more vehicles are coming equipped with onboard data centers that measure everything from the vehicle’s fuel efficiency to average speed. If you don’t happen to have these features in your vehicle, fear not. It is for iPhone owners that want to get from point A to point B as quickly (and efficiently) as possible.


TripAlyzer is designed to analyze your driving habits to calculate how efficiently you use your fuel.By simply entering your odometer reading, TripAlyzer will track the distance of your trip and provide you with valuable information that you can store for future use.

Since the intent of TripAlyzer is to help users drive more efficiently and cut down on CO2 emissions at the same time, the app also reminds you of service intervals and can even let you know what your carbon footprint looks like.

Download  TripAlyzer (Price: $5.99)

Car Minder Plus

You can use it schedule, track, and record your car’s maintenance. Rated the best of its category by Edmunds.com, Car Minder Plus lets you record information for multiple cars, email the records, and graph fuel consumption so you’ll know if something’s amiss.

Car Minder Plus
Download Car Minder Plus (Price: $2.99)

TomTom USA & Canada

Yet another costly app after INRIX Traffic in this list, TomTom USA & Canada have a price of $59.99 and to subscribe and use this one you have to pay additional $20 per year for the app services. Well, that was about the purchases but let us tell you that what this app does for you.

TomTom iPhone App

It acts just like any other automobile GPS system and does the calculation of routes. Plus, it displays everything on iPhone screen. It gives you time estimates for covering a particular distance with also features voice instructions.

Download TomTom USA & Canada


One always feels bad when one gets caught by police for not taking care of driving regulations. Police set speed traps at times and you become a victim even if you are not going too wrong with something.

TrapsterIf you want a solution Trapster is an app that would surprise you as it scan and detect of any possible speed traps and cameras. Isn’t that wonderful? But in no case you take it as a ticket for breaking rules often!

Download Trapster

Craftsman Garage Door App

This app is for all those car owners who keep worrying about their garage door. Craftsman Garage Door App gives you full access to control your garage door with your iPhone!

Craftsman Garage Door

If you have got a delivery and you are not at home you can just open the garage door for the delivery boy and then close it well. All you need to do that is an iPhone signal and this innovative iPhone apps for car owners.

Download Craftsman Garage Door App

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