10 Best iPhone Apps to Make Free VoIP Calls and Video Chat

Despite the android market picking up recently, the Apple iPhone is still the top selling smartphone around the world. It offers you the ability to make and receive quality phone calls and enjoy a variety of different features thanks to the number of apps that can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store.

Depending on your wireless plan, certain calls can really be expensive, especially if you don’t have international calling. However, there are a number of great VoIP apps that can be a lifesaver, in that regard. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)  enables an easy and cost effective alternative to regular calls, and is becoming more popular due to the rising number of VoIP apps for smartphones.

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With all of these wonderful VOIP apps, you will never have to worry about going over your wireless bill. They also make staying in touch even better through being able to see your friends and family members.

Best iPhone Apps to Make Free VoIP Calls


Skype is perhaps the most popular of all VoIP apps. It is free and allows you to keep in touch with contacts through video calls and free text chat. It works over both your Wi-Fi connection as well as your iPhone’s data plan.

Skype App


Tango Text, Voice and Video is free and is another service which allows you to make free video calls to anyone anywhere in the world. A fun apps which helps you stay in the social loop with your loved ones and even send and receive free text messages, video messages and photos.

Tango App

It works with your WiFi connection, 3G or 4G LTE data plan and supports multiple languages. Group video chats are supported, which is great for talking with your whole family.


ooVoo Video Call, Text and Voice is a free app that lets you keep in touch with as many as 12 contacts with group video call.

ooVoo App

Conveniently it also connects with your Facebook account to allow you to chat with your Facebook friends, and sending and receiving instant messages is also free.

Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger offers Free SMS, Video & Video Calls, an is a free app that allows you to not only send and receive instant messages with your Yahoo contacts but lets you enjoy free video chats with friends and family members who are on your messenger list.

Yahoo! Messenger App

This even includes individuals who are outside of the country. You can also share photos and videos with people in real time and the app works via Wi-Fi and cellular data, even on EDGE speeds.


fring is free and allows you to engage in video calls with up to four people at once. You can register with your mobile phone number, which makes contacting existing contacts even more convenient. Like most VoIP apps you can also send and receive text messages for free, and all video calls are in high quality and work via your phone’s data connection or WiFi.

fring App


Nimbuzz combines a flexible messaging app with the Internet and social media to turn your smartphone into a mobile communications center. With Nimbuzz, you can make unlimited free video and voice calls; chat via video, audio, or text; share files; and more.

Nimbuzz Messenger App

Nimbuzz Messenger is super-popular and our 100+ million registered users across platforms prove that. The significant advantage that Nimbuzz has is that it is truly cross platform, available on every smartphone platform worldwide.

Viber – Free Phone Calls

This a cool little App that’s popular right now. Viber doesn’t require you to create an account, doesn’t need you to create a username or hand over a credit card number. The only catch is that to call someone, they must also have Viber.

Viber App


It creates an identity with your current number and only uses your minutes if the other user doesn’t happen to have the App. Other highlights include the fact that it doesn’t have Ads and that you can call anyone in the world so long as they use the same software.


This is one of our favorite Apps for VOIP calling. It’s functional, and allows for free VOIP calling in the US and Canada. You also get push notifications when you receive a call. We haven’t tried the international calls, but the developers claim it’s cheap.

iCall App


Users can choose to use the paid service, the difference being a 30 second ad at the start of a phone call.


Vonage is a leading name in the VoIP space and even has an iPhone app for its customers. However, this app is different. It is free and allows you to call your Facebook friends for free. Your friend needs to have the app installed but once it is, you can call them free of charge and in my experience, the call quality is superb.

Vonage Mobile App

The app is super simplistic in its design, which in the case of many mobile apps enables an intuitive and seamless experience for the user.


While Viber lets you call others with the app, NetTalk lets you call all landlines in the U.S and Canada for free. The app is designed well and requires pretty much no setup on the part of the user. The call quality is excellent and just like Viber, the app is free.

netTALK App

With NetTalk you can also record conversations and import your phone book and favorites, then call them for free over WiFi or 3G. Yep, this one is pretty much a no-brainer.

About Author: This guest post was written by Jonny Grant on behalf of Packnet; a Manchester based telecommunications company who offer a range of business telephone and business voip solutions.

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