[Download] DropBox app now available for Windows 8

Dropbox, the popular cloud storage and sharing service has built a reputation as one of the more ubiquitous ways that folks like to share files and so its arrival on Windows 8 as a metro app is significant for the new platform. The app is available to download for free and will work on both Windows 8 and Windows RT machines allowing you to download and share files at will.

DropBox app now available for Windows 8

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Apps designed for Windows 8’s new touch friendly interface have been populating the Windows Store at a far higher rate than with Windows Phone.

It’s unclear why anyone using Windows 8 or Windows Phone would want to use Dropbox as Microsoft’s own SkyDrive service superior in almost every way. Still when it comes to sharing it seems more folks are fundamentally more aware of Dropbox as a way to share things with others.

  • The will work on Intel/AMD based machines as well as machines based on ARM like the Surface tablet. The features are as follows:
  • Browse and preview all of your files and photos on Dropbox
  • Open, edit and save files from other Windows 8 apps
  • Share any photo, file or folder with the Share Charm
  • Find your files with the Search Charm

The app is rather bare bones at the moment, you can browse your files using the app and you can save to Dropbox from an app but they have not implemented use of the Share Charms to upload to Dropbox. This is just the first version so we’re sure to see the app grab a few more features over time.

You can download the app from the Windows Store here.

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