Download Free PDF Creator for Windows PC

Using a virtual printer to convert documents into PDFs format is an easy way to avoid printing papers.  The main reasons for doing so are convenience, as you can send documents and information straight from any Windows program supporting print to the virtual printer to convert it and functionality as good solutions offer lots of customization options.

Free PDF Creator is a free virtual printer solution for Windows that comes without time limits or other restrictions such as the number of uses.

Note : Print Spooler service needs to have been started on the system before you install the PDF converter as the creation of the virtual printer will fail otherwise. You can skip registration during setup as well as it is not mandatory to use the software.

Free PDF Creator for Windows PC

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After you have installed the program, run the settings from the start menu. Here you can define the following output parameters:

  • Output quality – Set to web ready by default which you can change to print, pre-press or custom quality here.
  • Document properties – Document meta data such as the author, subject, keywords or titles which are used for all pdf documents created with the help of the program.
  • Security – Here you can set a password to open the document and define document changing rights for users including printing and making changes to it.
  • Post processing – If you want the pdf to be post-processed.

The program displays ads in the settings menu and also under PDF Editing Options which lead to web pages of commercial programs that allow you to edit PDF documents.

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