FaceWash App Scrubs Away Your Dirty Facebook History

Everyday we see tonnes of things that annoy us about Facebook, like photos of our friends’ ugly babies, chavvy status updates DAT SOUND LYK DIS and of course lots of over-sharing about illnesses, arguments and fertility issues. Really swear words are the least of our worries – in fact they make mundane updates just a tad bit more interesting – but if you’re offended by profanities.

Facebook OfficeWhile you can go ahead and try to clean everything up manually, it may be a bothersome and long winded process and the chance that you miss data is ever present.

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Facewash is a new service that is scans your Facebook profile for you. Profile in this regard not only means what you have uploaded or published on the profile but also what others may have added to it via comments for instance.

The first thing you need to do to get started is to authorize the app to access data of your Facebook account including your stream but also personal information. Once done you are redirected to a website where you can start the scan of your profile. The app by default scans the following areas:

  • Comments posted on your wall
  • Comments on photos you are tagged in
  • Photos that you have posted
  • Links that you have liked
  • Photos that you have liked
  • Status updates you have posted
  • Pages that you are a fan of

The application uses its own word list to scan the various areas on Facebook. The developers do not reveal what the word list includes but mention that it “spans a broad spectrum of ‘dirtiness’ from sex to drugs to curse words and more”.

If English is not the main language that you communicate in on Facebook you may want to use the second option the app makes available. You can enter your own list of words that you want to scan your profile for. To do so enter a list of comma separated words and phrases and click on the start button afterwards.

The scan may take a couple of minutes either way depending much on your and your friend’s activity on Facebook. If you post once every year you are probably done in a couple of seconds, if you are a daily poster with lots of friends who do that too, you may wait more than a couple of minutes for the results to be displayed to you

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