How to take complete backup of your Android Phone [ without rooting ]

Most Android Phone users need root to backup their phones and tablets, but there is a growing number of devices where this is no longer the case.

Google made a change in Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) that lets you backup apps, data and system apps without root. Several methods have been in circulation to do so: some require the Android SDK to work while others use part of the SDK like the Ultimate Backup Tool.

Simple ADB Backup is without doubt one of the easiest programs to backup data from your Android 4.x device without root access.

The program has a few requirements that are identical to other programs of its kind.First you need to enable USB debugging on the device. Now that we have prepared the phone or tablet for the backup we can start to use the desktop program.

Simple ADB Backup


The program displays a simple gui to you that you can use to perform various backup and restore related operations.

  • Backup all without system apps
  • Backup all with system apps (unsafe)
  • Backup app data and device data
  • Backup apps
  • Backup storage / SD card
  • Backup a single app
  • Restore

First thing you may want to do is change the location of the backup. When you click on an option you will be reminded that you need to set a desktop password before the operation starts. You are then asked on your phone to unlock it and enter the device encryption password to start the backup.

Android Phone Full Backup

Once you have entered it tap on back up my data to get started. The process may take a while depending on the type of backup that you have selected in the program window.

The application can be run on Windows or Linux systems and is without doubt one of the easiest options to create a full Android backup without rooting the device.

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