Pe External Hard Drive – The Safest Place to Store Your Secret Files

The Pe External Hard Drive is a LaCie concept design that would ensure that a person’s private data is kept as secure as possible. Forgoing digital passwords and other technological security measures, it sports a classic combination lock that may thwart snoopers and possible hackers more effectively. Using one to four numbers, once completely unlocked a light next to it changes from red to green.

PE - Secure External Hard Drive by Jae-Hoon Lee

Designed by Jae-Hoon Lee of Generally and Especially Design Lab, the acronym of which means ‘dog’ in Korean, the Pe External Hard Drive also comes with tweaked accessories.

PE is SpecialThe USB cord is envisioned as six inches thicker to help prevent common damage. The case itself is made out of stainless steel and latex. The Pe External Hard Drive is waterproof and can connect to smart devices.

PE - Secure External Hard Drive - How it Works

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  1. Prem Pandit says:

    Looking useful Device.It will keep our data Safe.what drive size available for this device ?

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