TweetPing Shows Worldwide Twitter Activity in Real Time

Tweet Ping is a web app developed by Franck Ernewein which seems like an excellent wallpaper backdrop for your secret data visualization dungeon.

Next to the obvious tweet messages flashing by on a world density map, various statistical measures (e.g. the number of messages, words and characters) are displayed in a dashboard interface at the bottom. All Twitter data seems to be aggregated by the world continent it originates from, which is also summarized by a single pie chart.

TweetPing Shows Worldwide Twitter Activity in Real Time

It allows you to do fun little unscientific experiments like calculate the number of tweets rolling in per minute, and extrapolate that into tweets per hour, day, and year. For instance, for one minute in time, it counted roughly 2,400 tweets worldwide. Do a little math and if the TPM stayed constant, that would total about 1.26 billion tweets per year. People sure are tweeting a lot.

It’s not the first site to visualize tweets live, but it’s really well-done. It’s sort of mesmerizing, in a way, to watch the world light up, gradually, as people tweet.

Someone knows what the shorts lines emanating from the dots on the world map mean? And the constantly refreshing bar charts?

Check: Tweet Ping

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