Why Microsoft Windows Is Still the Best OS ?

If you take a look at the usage share of operating systems (OS) in the market, you will see that Windows leads the pack with 81.75%. And if you look at the specifics, three of its variants are on top as well: Windows 7 with 40.64%, Windows XP with 35.17%, and Windows Vista with 4.88%.

Microsoft Windows Versions

Given those statistics, you can see that majority of computers run on this OS. Isn’t that reason enough to believe why this OS remains the best?

No? If you need more proof, then check out these other reasons:


This is a major factor to consider when buying a computer. So when it comes to price, there is no need to argue that a Mac is more expensive than a PC. In short, if you are on a budget, then you know which option is ideal.

But what about Linux? Isn’t it free? Yes, you can obtain some distributions without spending cash. But the confusion begins in picking the right one. There is a plethora of “flavours” to choose from. So if you are not really into the technical side of things, then you might find it difficult to narrow down your options.


There might come a time when you need to modify this to suit the software. Maybe a video game you want to play needs more RAM. Now, adding a component to a computer running on Windows is simple. In fact, it is something that you can do yourself.

But try doing this on a Mac. It’s not easy, AT ALL. Furthermore, they are exclusive to Apple. So if you need something, you really need to purchase an item from them. On the other hand, many PC brands (running on Windows) have components that are widely available in the market.


There is no question that more applications are available for Windows. Since they own a large share of the market, it makes sense that developers target the platform first.

But this does not mean that Linux and Mac users don’t get their fair share. These operating systems have a large selection of software applications as well. In fact, some Windows apps can now run on a Mac. But when it comes to performance, nothing beats an application that runs on its native platform.


Although this falls under the software category, it is best to mention this separately. If there is one major reason why Windows should be the preferred OS, it is this.

Even though some games are available on a Mac or Linux, they still pale in comparison to the options available for Windows.

Parting thoughts

Although this all comes down to preference in the end, you cannot deny the hold Microsoft has on the operating systems market. Think about this, even though it is plagued by a plethora of viruses each year or day even, users still flock to its side.

How about you? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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