13 Tech Startups that have reached the billion-dollar worth [since 2004]

Even in these fast times, companies freshly evolve and make it to a market value of billions of Dollars in a mere few years time. The people from the job board Staff.com put together a nice infographic with all the basic facts worth knowing about the thirteen young companies that made it – Instagram, Evernote, Box, Airbnb, Zynga, Spotify, HomeAway, Square, Groupon, Dropbox, Workday, Twitter and Facebook.

The brief but telling infographic also reveals a few vital statistics of the companies, for instance, have you ever wondered how much capital each of these companies raised in the start to get them where they are today?

Guess which of the 13 Startups currently employs the most number of employees and which, the least? Even more interesting is how much is Instagram now worth?  Have a look – some of the numbers may surprise you.



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