Download Android USB Drivers For Samsung, HTC, Sony and other Phones [Windows]

Android is one of the most popular mobile OS today and various handset manufacturers have their devices running Android. If you own an Android phone, you might want to connect it to Windows PC for multiple reasons.

If you want to transfer files and media to and from Android phones to Windows, generally the mass storage drivers are installed. But when you want to connect your phone in USB debugging mode, then you need to install drivers.

Android USB Drivers For Windows

On Windows, any new hardware needs drivers and this holds good for phones as well. Android Drivers for Windows are needed for development and debugging and also to transfer media files to and from the device. But the real problem is that each manufacturer has their own USB driver and it is not unique for all Android phones.

Download Android USB Drivers for Windows

Most of the times when you buy a new handset, you get the software installation CD and also it comes with drivers. But in case you are using an Android phone and want to download the USB drivers, here is a list of Android USB drivers for Windows with download links for several popular OEMs.

How to  Install Android USB Driver on Windows

To install the Android USB Drive on Windows PC for the first time:

  1. Download the appropriate driver for your device from the list above.
  2. Connect your Android devices to your computer USB’s port.
  3. Right-click on Computer and select “Manage
  4. Select “Devices in the left panel.
  5. Find and expand “Other device in the right panel.
  6. Right-click the device name in the list and select “Update Driver Software. Hardware Update Wizard will be launched.
  7. Select “Browse my computer for driver software” followed by “Next“.
  8. Next, click “Browse” and locate the USB driver folder.
  9. Final step is to click “Next” to install the driver.

If you need any specific drivers for your Android handset, do post in the comments. If you have any additional links, you can share it here so that we can add it to the list.

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