Download Free Music Albums in MP3 Format from Flipkart

Flipkart, the most successful Indian e-commerce website, is celebrating the first anniversary of Flyte – the online digital music store launched last year. Flyte allows buyers to download individual tracks and albums in the MP3 format for as low as Rs 40 an album (less than one dollar) and Rs 9 (16 cents) for one song. The files are free of DRM which means that you can listen to your purchased music on any device without restriction.

Flipkart Mp3 music store Flyte is turning one and you can download 100 free mp3 music albums from Flipkart everyday till February 28, 2013 … no hidden catch there. Flipkart is offering amazing music deals every weekend, and this free music deal is awesome.

There are some amazing Hindi music as well as English music tracks out there. Visit the Flyte birthday page to get direct links of the offered free music albums and download them.

Flipkart Flyte MP3Flipkart got me in the habit of buying music of my favorite tracks, not only for cheap prices, but also in high quality mp3, allowing me to get original legal music. Its much better than to download free music from ad tracking and malware  infested sites, which provide low quality music with no music metadata or album artwork.

For me it is a one click operation as I simply need to click the download icon and the entire album gets stored in my mp3 library. While I can download my purchased music anytime, these albums once added to my mp3 library need to be downloaded by the deadline of 3rd March 2013. The downloaded songs will however remain in your mp3 library for life, while the undownloaded songs before the deadlines will be automatically removed.

Download Free Music Albums from Flipkart

This is the best deal ever from Flipkart, so rush now to download popular Bollywood Hindi music and popular English music right away.

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