25 Must-Have Small Business iPhone Apps to Increase Productivity

When we think of business professionals, we know that they are always carrying their iPhone to stay connected. Small business owners are no exception.

There are a number of iPhone apps that allow you to keep an eye on your business activities from any location. Whether your small business is still in the idea phase or you’re a seasoned business pro, mobile apps can be a great tool for you.

As a small business owner you are hard-working and very busy, so here are some of the best iPhone apps that will keep you connected, productive, and even streamline your business operations.


Do you need a way to securely accept and track credit card payments? Well, with the GoPayment app you can securely take your customers’ credit card payments right on your iPhone.


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The transactions will update quickly and you can receive funds through any bank account of your choice. Also, if you already have merchant services established, you can have your books updated automatically. Additionally this app will provide you with an end day transaction summary to see how great your business did for the day.


The free Skype app lets you connect face-to-face with people all over the world. The simple format allows you to make voice calls, video calls, and to send messages and pictures either over your Wi-Fi connection or over your 3G/4G network.

Skype App

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It is rather inexpensive to call landlines and mobile phones using Skype Credit.


Kayak Pro

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If you travel frequently for your small business, then you could probably use an iPhone app that helps you make and manage flight, hotel, and transportation reservations quickly and easily.


This is a great app for those just starting out or looking at developing their business. It lets you store, organize and share text, photos and voice notes. This app will let you gather all those inspiring ideas for products, branding, customer service, or for what your office or retail space will look like.


It can be accessed through any internet connection and with your cell phone, meaning that you can capture your ideas, things you like, things you hear, and things you see, at any time. Whether it’s a great bottle of wine, which you want to remember and send as a thank you to clients, a web page design that you want keep for inspiration, or stats you want to include in your business plan, this app can capture it and save it for you to come back to later.

QuickBooks Mobile

Similar to the QuickBooks Online website, QuickBooks Mobile lets you manage customers, estimates, invoices, and sales receipts.

Quickbooks Online Mobile

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More specifically, you can view and edit customer information, track sales, convert estimates to invoices, and check bank and credit card balances. The app gives you the ability to “take a test drive” and try it with sample data.

Scanner Pro

If you have a habit of losing important receipts, business cards or documents, this last app is for you. This app lets you scan just about anything you need, converting it to a PDF and saving it to your iCloud account.
Scanner Pro
The app identifies the page size automatically when scanning, and converts it to a standard pdf. Have a multi-page document you need to send to a colleague in a meeting fast? You can use this app to scan the document and email it directly to them. You can even password protect the document. The app also works well with other apps such as Dropbox and the previously mentioned Evernote.


You know that social media is an important promotional platform, but keeping up with it is kind of a pain, right?

UberSocial iPhone

With an app like UberSocial, you can push content easily to multiple social media platforms at once. For example, if you’re a furniture manufacturer, you can snap a picture of your latest design on your phone, and with a few clicks, you can push it out to Twitter and Facebook instead of having to handle everything later at your PC. Simple.


Are you so overwhelmed with tasks that sometimes you forget what meeting is on your schedule? Do you have a list of tasks that you need to delegate to your employees? I am sure these scenarios have happened, so get organized now by downloading Producteev.


With this app you can create to-do lists for yourself, employees, or even create workspaces that can be shared. Producteev also has cloud sync so once tasks are completed, you will not have to worry about the list not being updated.

Documents To Go- Office Suite

Almost all businesses, no matter the size or industry, use the Microsoft Office system. It is easy to access files and read them on your iPhone, but editing them and creating them was nearly impossible.

Documents To Go - Office Suite

Until now! With the Documents To Go app, you can easily type up a spreadsheet or fix a Word document. If you are willing to pay a little more for the Premium- Office Suite, you can also create and edit PowerPoint presentations no matter where you are.

Google Drive

Just because you own a small business, that doesn?t mean you don?t have a lot of files to store. Stop piling up papers in your office and using an old filing cabinet right now. Download Google Drive so you take advantage of cloud storage and sharing for your business.


Unlike Dropbox, Google Drive offers greater storage options (5GB free -16TB $799.99), and you can even view documents offline. Additionally, you have the ability to edit or create Google documents or spreadsheets.


Do you ever wish that you had access to certain documents regardless of having your computer on hand? With Dropbox it is simple to save almost anything and then access it from your computer, iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Did you forget all of your electronics? That’s ok!

DropBox iPhone App

Using the Dropbox website on a different computer still gives you access to your files! Any file you save to your dropbox account is instantly accessible by any of the aforementioned venues. It is also easy to share any of your files or photos with colleagues and friends!


One of the best password management apps available is LastPass. The LastPass app for premium account holders makes it easy to log into any of your online accounts with a just a couple of clicks from your iPhone.


If you’re like most people and have dozens of usernames and passwords to manage, then this app is essential.


If you are as busy as I am then you probably don’t have the time to read long blog posts or interesting articles the second you find them. Using the Instapaper app, you are able to save almost any text from the internet to read leisurely at a later date or time.

Instapaper iPhone App

Everything you save is downloaded so it is accessible offline for easy reading anywhere and everywhere. In addition, the app formats the reading with user ease in mind!


The LinkedIn app puts your LinkedIn profile right at your fingertips, giving you easy access to your professional network.

LinkedIn JobsUse the app to connect with members and stay up-to-date with those you are already connected with. It is also easy to keep up with your various groups as well as the latest industry news.


The OmniFocus app makes task management a breeze! This app lets you keep track of tasks in a variety of ways: date, person, place, or project. The most recent update even lets you capture tasks through Siri.

OmniFocus iPhone App

Features include the ability to synchronize your tasks with other copies of OmniFocus, the ability to attach pictures and audio to tasks, and notifications when a task is due.


If you need to get client or business partner signatures on the go, then Vignature is a great iPhone app for you.

VignatureIt enables you to electronically capture signatures on PDF documents such as quotes, contracts, and so on.


You can create, edit, and show presentations to clients, business partners, and more directly from your iPhone with the very affordable Keynote app. Keynote is also fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.


Free Conference Call

You’ll never pay for a conference call with clients, business partners, or employees when you use the Free Conference Call iPhone app. It enables you to schedule and hold conference calls, free of charge.

Free Conference Call International

Ustream Broadcaster

You can stream video of live events from your iPhone and notify your online connections about it in advance using the Ustream app. Video streams are also saved as recordings, so you can promote and share them later.

Ustream Broadcaster iphone app

Dragon Dictation

Have you ever had an incredibly long email to write but no desire to sit down and type it all out? Using Dragon Dictation you never have to type again! This app uses voice recognition allowing you to easily see your speech in text format.

Dragon DictationOnce you have spoken into Dragon Dictation it is easy to cut and paste your text into any word box and the job is done!


If you ever have to sign business agreements, contracts, or just any official document, now you can leave the pen and paper at the office. With SignEasy, you can collect signatures on the go and not worry about the hassle of faxing, copying, or printing papers.


You simply import the document into the app, get the signature, and send it to the appropriate location. This app also supports a variety of file types (PDF, Word, Office, Text, Open Office, HTML, etc.)

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