20 Best Online Password Generators to Create Strong & Secure Passwords

Password plays a very important security role to prevent any unauthorized access to your computer and online accounts such as Facebook, Gmail and Internet banking accounts.Many people tend to use their own names, date of births, or even a string of easy-to-guess numbers such as 123456 as their passwords. 

If you use this kind of password, chances are your online accounts are highly vulnerable to hacking. To prevent this happening, we strongly recommend you to check these articles:

So, how to create a highly secure but easy to remember password? Today we have got you 20  best online password generators. These free tools enable you to easily create strong and memorable password with just a single mouse click. Most of them allow you to specify password criteria depending on the level of complexity you want.

Secure Password Generator – PC Tools

Secure Password Generator

This password generator allows you to create random passwords within seconds. All you have to do is enter the password length and then choose some options like including phonetics, letters, mixed case, numbers, punctuation, etc. Hit the “Generate Password(s)” button and you will be given a secure password.

Norton Identity Safe

Norton Identity Safe Password Generator

Norton is a well-known antivirus and online security solution provider. It also has password generator helping you to create highly secure password that is difficult to hack. Simply select password criteria based on your needs and then hit the “Generate Password(s)” button to see the result.

Techzoom Password Generator

Techzoom Password Generator

Another online tool for creating high-complexity password with the combination of letters, digits and special characters. You can also specify the number of passwords to be generated.



This online password generator doesn’t provide users any options. Simply click on the given button and you will be returned both pronounceable passwords and a more secure password which contains numbers.

Hugh’s Password Generator

Hugh’s Secure Password Generator

This tool is pretty special. It requires you to enter your favorite phrase that has at least eight words. It will then use the first letter from each word to mix with special character and numbers, making it easy to remember but difficult to guess.

Globi Random Memorable Password Generator

Random Memorable Password Generator

This service generates a memorable password by combining two random dictionary words with some of the letters scrambled. This makes the password easy to remember.

xkcd Password Generator

Xkcd Password Generator

If you want to create some phrases that are difficult to guess, give xkcd password generator a try. The online tool lets you generate a random phrase consisting of four common words that are easy to remember.



SafePasswd allows you to generate any type of password based on your needs. It gives you options like easy-to-remember, letters only, numbers only, letters + numbers, all characters, etc.

New Password Generator

New Password Generator

This online service lets you generate easy-to-remember password or strong and secure password. It lets you specify the number of letters, digits and gives you options to include uppercase/lowercase letters, symbols, etc.

Secure Password Generator

Secure Password Generator 1

Another password generator with a number of criteria for you to select. The beauty of this online tool is that it provides you phonetic pronunciation helping you to remember password easier.

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