10 Best Portable Battery Pack for Android Phones and Tablets

As Android tablets and smartphones gain more features and become almost necessary in day-to-day life, they also begin to consume more power and we’re less able to tolerate a dead battery on one of our devices.

Android Charging Station

Enter the mobile battery pack, which can extend your device’s battery life by several full charges or several hours, depending on the energy demands of different smartphones or tablets by manufacturers like HTC, Samsung or Google.

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Here are 10 best battery packs for Android phones and tablets that could save you from a flat battery while you’re on the move:

1. MyCharge Peak 6000 Rechargeable Power Bank

As its name implies, the MyCharge Peak 6000 rechargeable battery inside the unit is rated at 6,000mAh. That’s around double — or even triple — the capacity of smaller, more pocket-friendly chargers, and the Peak 6000 is pretty beefy, weighing in at 8.5 ounces.

MyCharge Peak 6000

As an added bonus, the Peak 6000 also talks to you, thanks to a built-in speaker. A female voice tells you that the unit is charging when you plug it into the wall. The voice also announces when you’re charging a device. And finally, when you press the button to see how much battery power remains, it’ll let you know just how full it is (the four LED lights will also tell you).

The MyCharge Peak 6000 is sort of the Swiss Army Knife of portable battery chargers, with built-in connectors for iOS products, Android devices, and a host of other products.

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2. Iogear GearPower Mobile Power Station

Iogear’s GearPower Mobile Power Station is positioned as a solid value buy for users who need a high-capacity mobile battery. It packs a 6,600mAh battery that can handle smartphones and even the most demanding tablets.

Iogear GearPower Mobile Power Station

The Iogear GearPower Mobile Power Station comes with two USB ports for simultaneous charging of two devices. According to PC Mag’s tests, the battery pack added nearly 21 hours to the battery life of the iPhone 4S and nearly six hours of life to an iPad 2.

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3. Veho Pebble Battery Charger

The Veho Pebble Battery Charger is capable of adding somewhere around 1,250 hours of standby to most smartphones. Or 125 hours of continuous music playback if you like spending your time without power listening to music.

Veho Pebble Battery Charger

The biggest feature of the Veho Pebble Battery Pack is its auto shut off feature. It is employed when your device is done charging to prevent problems like overcharging and short circuiting. This will also prevent the charger from using all its power on a charged phone.

In addition, the Veho Pebble Battery Pack comes with 12 charging tips. So it’s not just for Android phones. You can charge pretty much whatever you want to with it.

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4. Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo

The Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo is a sleek rectangle that can handle two devices simultaneously, including the most power-hungry tablets, with its 6,000mAh battery. Connect the devices through one of the two USB ports and you’re off and away.

Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo for Android

The Juice Pack Powerstation Duo can charge most smartphones three times over, from a flat battery. Popular Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab can achieve a full charge with the Juice Pack Powerstation Duo without a problem.

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5. Duracell Powerhouse USB Charger

The Duracell Powerhouse is essentially a rechargeable lithium-ion battery inside a pocket-friendly housing that allows you to connect and recharge a wide range of gadgets that are USB-charging friendly.

Duracell Powerhouse USB Charger

With a USB port and a mini USB attached, you could technically charge two gadgets at once with this little guy.

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6. PhoneSuit Power Cube Battery Pack for Android

The PhoneSuit Battery Cube is an ultra-compact rechargeable battery pack that can provide instant power to your Blackberry, Android based Smartphone and more. The Cube features integrated Micro-USB and Mini-USB connectors to support new and legacy mobile phone charging standards.

PhoneSuit Power Cube Battery Pack for Android

This allows the cube to be compatible with virtually all USB charged Smartphones and Bluetooth devices including Android based, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia Smartphones and more.

The Cube comes in an extremely small package measuring only about 1.5 inches in length and width. It packs a powerful 1000mAh battery to assure you can continue making phone calls, watching videos and listening to music without interruption.

For more details, check Android Police’s review

7. PowerGen Mobile Battery Pack

PowerGen Mobile Juice Pack Duo-Power has a convenient dual USB port design for charging two device simultaneously. It utilizes top notch chips to provide the highest efficiency, top quality cells to assure you a long life cycle!

PowerGen Mobile Battery Pack

This mobile battery pack is compatible with all USB charged Smartphones and Bluetooth devices including Android based, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia Smartphones and more.

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8. The Nectar Power Station

The Nectar Power isn’t available just yet but when it is, the company claims it will power your phone for 2 weeks to a month. The nectar works by inserting a pod (the doohickey next to the block in the photo) which is swappable, once the pod is inserted you plug in your device and forget about the outlet.

The Nectar Power Station

The nectar is packed with 55,000 mW-hours of energy in a single nectar pod, there are typically >10 recharges of a typical smartphone per nectar pod.

For more details, check AndroidSpin.com

 9. Sanyo eneloop Mobile Booster

Sanyo’s eneloop Mobile Booster sports a compact form-factor, a sleek and attractive all-white design, and the imprimatur of Japanese maker Sanyo’s brand of rechargeable battery technology. But is such a small device capable of delivering enough charge to tablets and smartphones?

Sanyo eneloop mobile booster

As PC Mag’s review noted, the Sanyo eneloop Mobile Booster certainly strikes the right balance among looks, portability and functionality. That’s why the magazine bestowed its Editor’s Choice Award on the device. But it can’t reliably charge certain power-hungry smartphones and tablets, like the HTC Thunderbolt or the HTC Evo. However, it did add more than five hours of video playback to an iPad 1 on a single full charge.

Sanyo’s eneloop Mobile Booster also sports a highly intuitive user interface, consisting of just one blue LED and one button. To start charging a device, just connect it to the Mobile Booster and hit the button. The blue LED will glow, and it starts delivering charge to smartphones and tablets.

10. Energizer XP4001

What could be a better match for your tablets and smartphones on the go than an Energizer mobile battery pack? That’s the premise behind the Energizer XP4001, which is designed to be a balanced battery pack to meet most mobile needs, manufactured by XPal Power under the Energizer brand.

Energizer XP4000

The Energizer XP4001 measures 5.2 by 3.2 inches, is 0.6 inches thick, like the Iogear GearPower Mobile Power Station, and weighs 5.3 ounces. It sports two USB ports for simultaneous charging of smartphones or tablets, and they actually deliver output accordingly. One port is marked ‘phones’ and the other ‘pads’. The former delivers 500mA of charge while the latter delivers 1.5A.

As PC Mag noted in its review, the Energizer XP4001′s more powerful ‘pad’ port was capable of charging an iPad 1 and high energy-consumption devices like the HTC Evo and HTC Thunderbolt. It managed to add nearly five hours of video playback time to an iPad 4. PC Mag concludes that the Energizer unit is a good value alternative to the Sanyo eneloop Mobile Booster for charging any of your smartphones and tablets on the go.

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