125 Innovative and Creative Workspace Setups For Inspiration

We spend most of the day in front of our computers. This is where all the works get done, e-mails get taken care of, and social relationship be made. The truth is that computer has become a staple for nearly every aspect of modern lifestyle, and now people are even adopting multiple devices for higher work proficiency.

The spaces in which we work have a direct effect on creativity and productivity, so it is important that offices are designed for maximum inspiration.Browsing beautiful workspaces is a great way to get inspired.

It’s also a great way to  get some ideas for your own office and discover how other people put their workspace together. Lots of great ideas and inspiration came from great working environment, particularly the workstation, therefore you might want to put in more thoughts on the place that you’ll spend most of your time at.

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Here is a compilation of 125 creative workspace setups, you may need to bookmark this page for later inspiration. Enjoy and learn from them and of course, feel free to share your ideas or photos of your workstation to us, we don’t mind to see more creative workspaces!

Kitchen Windows Working Area(Image Source: gurnam)


New York City Offices(Image Source: newyork808)


My Home Office III(Image Source: trancemist)


Creative Space in the Attic(Image Source: purplelime)


Cool Home Office(Image Source: purplelime)


Simple and Clean Home Office(Image Source: lounge77)

Simple and Clean Home Office

Mac Setup (Image Source: raw_reflex)Mac Setup

4 Screen desk (Image Source: cspiegl)

4 Screen Desk


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