Download Avast! 8 Free Antivirus for your Windows PC

Avast Antivirus SoftwareThe new Avast! Free Antivirus 8 has been released a couple of minutes ago and is now available for download.The latest version of this hugely popular freemium antivirus software can be upgraded via automatic update or can be downloaded via the developer website.

Avast! has been our favorite free antivirus software for a long time now, for a simple reason that it’s one of the most lightweight antivirus suites in the market right now.

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There are lots of improvements which have gone below the hood and the company claims that Avast 8 will be able to detect and block not just one the one particular sample you’ve encountered, but also many similar files, and even entire malware families.

Avast! Free Antivirus 8

Talking about the interface, Avast 8 is more professional and touch-friendly as mentioned above. It looks really good and more professional than ever before. The new detection engine can monitor suspect files in an isolated environment before you’re able to execute them.

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With this latest version, Avast has gone touch friendly and carries the Windows 8 style interface. Also, Avast 8 comes with ‘Software Updater‘ tool which automatically checks for updates to the most commonly exploited apps like Java, Flash, Adobe Reader etc. In addition to this, it comes with a ‘Browser cleanup‘ tool to help you review your browser add-ons & toolbars.

Download Avast! 8 Free Antivirus

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