Download Classic Pac-Man Game on your Android Phone for Free

Do you love Pac-Man? If yes, we have some good news for you and all other Pac-Man fans out there. The classic Pac-Man game is now free in the Google Play Store as part of a game called Pac-Man +Tournaments. This is an exclusive for the Google Play Store for now.

Classic Pac-Man For Free
For a little extra money, you will be rewarded with weekly updates containing brand new mazes to play. The Tournament game offers great prizes for Pac-Man fans like plush Pac-Man ghost toys. There will be an iOS version of the app soon.

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Namco released it for Android first because Android has the largest installed base today and Pac-Man already has a presence in the Apple App Store.

PAC-MAN + Tournaments from Google Play

Download PAC-MAN + Tournaments from Google Play

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