Step-by-Step Guide to Setup your Gmail account in Microsoft Outlook

With an intuitive interface and a plethora of useful features, Gmail is no doubt the best platform to manage your mails. Gmail also allows you to configure in some desktop mail client that usually used.

gmail to outlookDesktop Mail client is a software application that can be used in sending and receiving mails in your computer. The data or the messages downloaded and messages that you send can be seen and read even offline.  Some of this mail client software are Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express,  Thunderbird and more.

So if  you are bored of using Gmail’s web interface or want to have the convenience of sending and receiving mails, searching and filtering mails, organizing mails, offline mail storage and all the fancy stuff, you can set up your Gmail account on any desktop mail client like Microsoft Outlook.

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In this article, we show you how to set up your Gmail account in Microsoft Outlook.

Set Up Gmail in Microsoft Outlook

Before you do anything, you’ll need to enable IMAP in Gmail, which will let you access your accounts on the desktop.

To do this, head into Gmail’s Settings and go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. Scroll down to the IMAP section and enable IMAP. Then save your changes, and open up your desktop email client of choice to set it up using the following instructions.

enable IMAP in Gmail

To set up Gmail in Microsoft Outlook, open up Outlook and run through the following steps:

  1. Head to File > Account Settings > Account Settings. Click the New button to create a new account.
  2. Click on the “Manually configure server settings” radio button at the bottom of the new account window. Then, hit Next.
  3. Choose Internet Email at the next screen and hit Next.
  4. Type in your name and Gmail address under “User Information. Change your Account Type from POP3 to IMAP, and add as your Incoming Mail Server. Type in as your Outgoing Mail Server
  5. Type in your full Gmail address (i.e. and password under Logon Information.
  6. Hit the More Settings button and go to the Advanced tab. Under Incoming Server, type 993 and set your encryption from “None” to “SSL”. Under Outgoing Server, type 587 and set your encryption to TLS.
  7. Head to the Outgoing Server tab of the same window and check the box that says “My outgoing server requires authentication”. Hit OK, and hit Next to complete your account setup.

If all goes well, Outlook should send a test message, and let you know that your account was successfully set up!

Set Up Gmail in any Desktop Mail Client

If you’re using a mail client apart from Outlook, the setup shouldn’t be too different—just make sure you’re typing in your full Gmail address as your username, and that you’re using the correct ports and encryption types as shown below in the account settings.

Standard configuration information:

POP server address:
POP user name: Your complete email address (“” for example)
POP password: Your password
POP port: 995
POP TLS/SSL required: yes

SMTP server address:
SMTP user name: Your complete email address (“” for example)
SMTP password: Your password
SMTP port: 465
SMTP TLS/SSL required: yes

IMAP server address:
IMAP user name: Your complete email address (“” for example)
IMAP password: Your password
IMAP port: 993
IMAP TLS/SSL required: yes

If you’re having trouble setting up an Gmail account in Outlook or you’re looking for mail server info, leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to help.

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