Meet The World’s Smallest and Lightest Mobile Phone

Japanese phone firm Willcom has unveiled the world’s smallest mobile phone. At just two-inches tall, the Phone Strap 2 is billed as the world’s smallest and lightest cellphone ever.

Featuring what the company calls an ultra-compact one-inch display, the phone comes with a retractable antenna and offers two hours of talk time.

World's Smallest and Lightest Mobile Phone

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The image the company shows of the phone sitting next to a box of Frisk breath mints is meant to illustrate the small scale of the device, but for Westerners not familiar with the Japanese candy, that box is about the same size as a box of Tic Tacs.

Phone Strap 2  - World's Smallest and Lightest Mobile Phone

Phone Strap 2 Designs

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Willcom will offer the tiny phone for about $380 domestically as a limited edition item with only 12,000 units available starting on March 21.

Source: ImpressWatch

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