5 Free Android Apps That Can Help You Pay Your Bills

As mobile devices continue to rapidly develop, more and more tasks that were once confined to the personal computer can now be performed on-the-go as a result. This goes for the payment and maintenance of your bills as well. From sending your checks out via “snail mail” to paying online by way your personal computer, paying your bills has become increasingly convenient thanks to advancements in technology. Such is the case with today’s mobile devices, which allow you to pay your bills and keep track of your financials from anywhere with the use of your tablet or smartphone.

Pay Bills

Here are five fantastic and completely free applications for Android-based mobile devices that you can use to help you pay your bills and keep track of your personal finances no matter where you are and from the palm of your hand.

Droid Wallet

While there are many more powerful financial applications available for keeping track of your money, DroidWallet is easily the best free one if you are not looking to spend any money. And it is quite an excellent and comprehensive app, considering that it is absolutely free. The inconvenient thing about DroidWallet is that you are not importing your financial information from some paid service that you are using, but instead, you are entering all of your financial information yourself. However, this is good because it makes the information very accurate, since you are checking everything and confirming all the information before entering it into the app.

DroidWallet enables users to manage their expenses and incomes separately so that they can see not only where money is going from, but also where it is going. It’s very easy to organize and categorize all of your financials and set up repeat transactions for reoccurring income or expenses. The app is also international, as it supports a variety of different currencies. Even though you cannot import your finances from other service, you can export them from DroidWallet as spreadsheets if you want to keep backups of your statements elsewhere.


You might be familiar with Pageonce, which is what Check used to be called. It is an award-winning app that not only helps you to manage your bills, but pay them as well. It is an all-in-one solution that you can use to make sure that you never miss a payment. If you are someone who has a hard time keeping track of bills and paying them on time, you will love this app and even more so, love the fact that you can finally avoid paying late fees for good. As stated previously, the app not only stays on top of your bills by monitoring your bank accounts and credit cards, but it also allows you to pay these bills through your bank account or credit card right from the app.

It is also good for tax preparation, because it keeps a centralized list of bills and financial information that you will have available to you at all times. Check will also help you stay out of the red by giving you alerts when your account’s funds are low or you are reaching your credit limits.


Manilla is probably the best purely organizational money app that is completely free. It is another very comprehensive application that will give you a clear overview of all your accounts and bills, as well as give you alerts and reminders to keep you from missing deadlines or spending over your credit limits. No matter what bank you use or what company you need to pay, Manilla will be support it more than likely, since it supports thousands of leading providers.

You will never miss another payment with Manilla, because it sends you emails and text messages to remind you of upcoming payment deadlines. It’s also great for organizing and filing your financial data, because it gives you online storage capabilities for free. But most important, Manilla is probably the most secure free financial app available and is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week for maximum privacy.


This application is one of the best payment apps, because it can take care of many different payments that you need to make. Not only can you pay various bills using MobiKwik, but you can also pay for prepaid and postpaid mobile recharges via your mobile device. You can also use it to recharge DTH and data cards, but also pay all of your most necessary bills like your electricity, landline, gas and life insurance bills for example.


Doxo acts like a virtual filing cabinet for keeping all of your finances and bills in check. If you are tired of keeping your bills in check physically, or you want a backup of them being saved in the cloud, this is for you. Doxo allow you to scan all of your financial documents and bills and save them online for free.

Users can securely store digital documents in the cloud using Doxo, view their files as PDFs and add details to distinguish the documents and take notes regarding your important bills or financial reports. You can also keep passwords, pin code details, policy numbers and any other important information stored in the app so you don’t have to carry around pieces of paper in your wallet that can easily get lost. Best of all, all users have unlimited storage space.

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