Google Introduces Full Screen Compose Window in Gmail

It has been a few days since Google rolled out the new Gmail tabbed interface. Many have been in the favor while many don’t like the newly introduced interface. Recently, Google announced that it will roll out a new full screen compose window for Gmail.

Previously, when you compose a new email, a small popup window appears that resides in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can click on the popup button to use it as a separate window but many users prefer to work in the same tab with a full screen compose windows, as it gives them more room to write emails.

Gmail to Introduce Full Screen Compose WindowOnce enabled, you will be shown a compose window centered in your inbox. In addition, the formatting toolbar is on by default, which means that you do not have to open it every time you want to compose an email.  You can set it to default by going to the more menu from the bottom right corner and select Default to Full Screen.

The new feature will be rolled out globally in the next few days, so if you cannot see the feature, all you need to do is wait.

Source: Google+

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