How to Open Password Protected PDF File Without Password


Portable Document Format (PDF) files have become the de facto document standard on the Internet. Why?  Because the file you created will look just like you had prepared it, irrespective of the software used to create or read the file or whether the other person has the fonts you used. It also offers hundreds of other options that make it truly great for the power user.

However sometimes you get some PDF files or eBooks at hand, but unable to print them or copy them? Do not worry, man. That’s the common situation in daily life people could encounter.

Let’s say, your former colleague generated some important PDF files but he just quit the job. And you do not know the password to open or edit the PDF files. Or you surf the Internet to get statistic for your thesis, but only to find out that the PDF files you get are protected from printing or copying.

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Simply put, sometimes it is legal for you to do the PDF password removal.

How to Open Password Protected PDF

To open password protected PDF files, you need to know that there are two types of PDF restriction.

  1. User Password protected PDF, which means that you can open and view the PDF file, but cannot copy or print the PDF.
  2. Another is Open Password protected PDF. It means you cannot open the PDF until you type in the right password.

Here are the solutions to remove the restrictions.

1.  PDFUnlock!

PDFUnlock! is a simple tool that unlocks any PDF for you. Simply upload the locked PDF and click unlock!. The tool will then unlock the document and download it to your computer.

The maximum file size you can upload is 10 MB. The documents can sometimes lose a little bit of quality but nothing significant. PDFUnlock also doesn’t remove any encryptions such as DRM, it only cracks the password protection settings.

Note that you cannot recover lost passwords. PDFUnlock just removes the password protection so the PDF is unlocked.

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2. can help you with the latter types of files, allowing you to remove restrictions from pdf  and easily print or copy it’s content. Using the tool couldn’t be easier: simply upload the file and you’ll receive an identical file without restrictions.

Note that cannot unlock files protected with “User Passwords”.  These are the sorts of files that cannot be viewed at all without a password.

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3. Free PDF Unlock Online Utility

Now you can unlock PDF files with one click using free online pdf unlocker PDF-Crack from

Just upload a document from your computer and click “Submit”. The unlocked version of your document will be will be automatically opened in a new browser window. Click to save it to your computer.

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4. Advanced PDF Password Recovery

Opening document with restrictions is a very tricky case and there’s no straight-forward solution to read PDF documents that are password-protected at the Open level.

The software will use methods like Brute Force, Key Search and Dictionary Attack to guess the password. They will try to use all possible character combinations as the password and so the process might take hours or even days and would really depend on your computer’s processing power.

Advanced PDF Password Recovery Professional edition from ElcomSoft is a recommended option.

When (if) the password is found, the program shows it, as well as the number of passwords which have been tested, and the program speed.

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