Rumor: Nikon Could Launch the D400 or D4X on 17 January 2014

According to the latest camera-launch rumour, Nikon is expected to launch the D400 or the D4X on January 17th at an event in Dubai. The Dubai Photo Club, who has broken the rumour, claims that Nikon has launched a photo contest which will end on January 17th with the launch of the new Nikon cameras.

Nikon Heart of Image

The Dubai Photo Club has pointed to Nikon’s Facebook page, which announces the constest with taglines underlining speed. According to the Club these are strong indications that Nikon plans to unveil a sports photography oriented camera.


Since Nikon’s D4 and D300s are the company’s top options for action and sports photography, it is not a leap to think that either a D300s or D4 replacement is going to be announced. The other interesting thing is that Nikon Rumors is reporting that NPS Japan has stopped selling D4′s in their equipment exchange program – a sign, they say, that a new flagship model is coming.

We will only find out on January 17th if this rumor has any credential.

(via Dubai Photo Club and Nikon Rumors)

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