Sony Might Launch a Windows Based Smartphone in 2014

Windows Phone OS system is gaining popularity day-by-day, especially on European shores where it has surpassed 10 percent, thanks to Nokia for dedicating their resources entirely for Windows Phone 8.

Now, according to a new report, Sony might launch a new smartphone this year, powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system.

The report mentions that Sony is considering launching a Windows Phone handset in 2014, according to The Information who are citing a person who claims to have knowledge of the company’s plans.

Sony Office

According to The Information,

Sony, whose mobile unit has exclusively made smartphones powered by Google’s Android software for nearly four years, has considered launching a Windows phone as soon as mid-2014, according to a person who was involved in the talks and a person briefed about the device.

This could come as a very good news for the folks at Redmond, as Sony has dedicated all its resources for Google’s operating system. It could come as a shock to many people, and could be a good thing for the growth of Windows Phone OS.

What do you think about it? Is there a chance for Windows Phone to kick things off in style if Sony decides to launch a Windows Phone handset? Share your thoughts.

Source: The InformationCNET

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